Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Japan Day 01 – Osaka

Singapore Sling & Peanuts

I flew to Osaka today, going from the heat and humidity of Singapore to the freezing cold of Japan in winter. I took a Singapore airlines flight, so it was Singapore Slings all the way! And I was also excited that one of my food options was a Japanese meal. Soba noodles with dipping sauce, braised pork and some yummy rice crackers.

Japanese plane meal

Once I landed in Osaka, I took the train to my hotel. I think I’m going to have awesome arm muscles after this (carrying a 15kg bag up and down lots of stairs). Note to self: always remember to exchange your Japan Rail Pass voucher at the airport train station, this would have saved you a lot of hassle tomorrow.

After checking in, I had intended to go out for some food. But it was almost midnight and I didn’t realise how exhausted I was until I lay down on a thin futon and rice pillow and thought it was the most comfortable place I could be. Zzz.