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Miyajima to Osaka – First night of #dirtynotthirty

For those who do not already know, the reason behind this trip to Japan is to celebrate not being thirty with a couple of my friends (before we turn thirty), which is really soon for one of us. I decided to head to Japan earlier via Singapore (for Chinese New Year) and tonight I would be meeting up with the others. But first I have to get myself and all my luggage from Miyajima to Osaka.

After breakfast and check out I left my bags at a locker in the ferry station before exploring more of the island. I found more deer (much easier to photograph in the daylight).

Some deer were grooming each other

Some deer were "shopping" for food.

Spotted some deer walking in the shallow water behind the shrine.

Followed them to find they had a secret feeding spot.

A mummy deer cleaning her baby.

I saw the Itsukushima and Otorii gate just after high tide. A very different scene to the night before when I could walk out and touch the gate.

Itsukushima Shrine just after high tide

Otorii gate just after high tide

And there were more deer hanging out around one of the viewing points.

On the way back through Hiroshima to Osaka I found a bakery near the train station selling cute Totoro cakes. So picked one up to surprise Serena with for an early birthday celebration. Here’s a picture before we decimated it.

Totoro cake from Hiroshima to surprise Serena with.

After bringing the girls to the hotel room I took them to my favourite ramen shop. Sadly half the eggs were a little over-cooked so they weren’t as gooey, but it was still delicious. We also discovered the wonders of Ramen Pepper which is a seasoned pepper. It’s delicious and we put it on the eggs and noodles and pretty much everything. We’re going to try to find some in the shops and bring it home.

Hanging lanterns at the Hozenji Shrine

After eating we went for a little walk through the side alleys of Dotonbori. I brought them to the Hozenji shrine which is a little moss covered shrine in a paved alleyway.

Hozenji Shrine

Made a quick stop at a 24hour emporium that sold everything from beauty products to adult toys to second hand branded goods. Then we went to get a good sleep before our packed itinerary really begins.

And so begins our #DirtyNotThirty trip. See you tomorrow. Zzz.

Comfort pillow...