No more sleeps!

I’ve mostly packed, kind of. Everything is in a big pile on top of a box and a suitcase in the middle of the lounge room.

So the random things I’m bringing over to Singapore for my relatives this trip are:

  • 4 boxes of Cheezels
  • 1 tray of mangoes
  • 6 packets of biscuits

Not too bad this time. Previously I’ve had a million boxes of maltesers and packets of tim tams. Was randomly selected for an explosive materials scan at the airport and had to open a backpack filled with only about 10 packs of tim tams. Oh yeah, explosively DELICIOUS!

And just so you know, there are a few food items I always like to bring back.

  • Royce chocolates
  • Dried Philippine mango from the Takashimaya food level
  • BBQ Curry Twisties
  • Various flavours of Kit Kat from Japan
     Here’s some photos of some of the Kit Kat varieties I came across. Melon was my favourite!


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