Oh hai there!

Welcome to my brand-spanking-new little blog.

I’ll be travelling to Singapore, Japan and Malaysia in the next few weeks and fingers crossed I stick to filling this space with lots of stories and pictures from my travels.

Oh the foods I will eat!

2 Responses to Oh hai there!

  • Jayne says:

    Oooh, I can’t wait to hear about your travels – I hope you get through customs and check-in okay!


  • Anita Cavanagh says:

    WOW !!!!! All very interesting. and great photos !! Makes me want to travel in that part of the world. CAn’t beleive you can take fresh fruit into Singapore through customs. Celebrations for Chinese New year are amazing and make my lack of celebrating Australia DAY (today) pathetic. CAn you earn a living doing travel Blogs ?? Iv’e yet to meet anyone who hasn’t enjoyed their travel in Japan.
    STAY SAFE ! luv Anita

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